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Commonly Ordered Parts

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General Parts List

Part Number Part Name Image
3604071 Entropy 2000 Ticket Dispenser image069
308509090340110 Potentiometer Solenoid Valve 4V210-08F-DC 12V
321332532000000 Yellow Button yellow button
ffs105110000000 Belt belt
FreeButton Free Play Button       image039

Air Hockey Table Parts

Part Number Part Name Image
3399184 Barron Games Puck image067
616030002 Hockey Mallet (Blue) image065
616030001 Hockey Mallet (Orange) image066
3301354 Mallet Holding Rail Corner image046
3704009 Puck Sweat Playfield Spray Polish puck sweat2
616030034 RED Goal Bar For M & QuadAir 410mm image002
616030035 GREEN Goal Bar For M & QuadAir 410mm image004
3612420 2 and 4 Player PC Board & Wire (NOT QUADAIR) 2_and_4_player_pc_board_and_wire_not_quadair
3612414 QuadAir RED Main PC Board Buy image010
3612418 QuadAir RED Vice Board image012
3503284 Air Hockey Safety Decal image014
3503283 NO DRINKS PLEASE image027
616030053 V3 Goal Gate Assembly (NEW UPGRADE)
3612370 Optical Goal Sensor image030
3607050 Blower Motor QuadAir 110V
3605117 Power Supply 12v image034
3605118 Power Supply 5v image036
3202004 Air Hockey Key image037
3604056 Air Hockey Coin Mech image041
616030029 Air Hockey Leg image043
3301320 All Air Hockey Corner Part image045

Allied Tank Parts

Part Number Part Name Image
cdpnc0210000000 Pressure Control PCB #10 Pressure control PCB #10
cdpnc0110000000 Pressure Control PCB #8 Pressure control PCB #8
337110207050000 Power Supply 12V/120W Power supply12V 120W
337110208050000 Power Supply 24V/120W Power Supply 24V 120W
pnvat3v21008f00 Solenoid Valve 3V210-08F-DC 12V Solenoid Valve 3V210-08F-DC 12V
pnvat4v21008f00 Solenoid Valve 4V210-08F-DC 12V Solenoid Valve 4V210-08F-DC 12V
acs068072413811 Air compressor for single (110V) Air compressor for single (110V)