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Catch the light combo

Catch the Light Combo Product Description:

Catch the Light Combo is a new speed and reflex game designed for both adults and children.  Quickly press the lit buttons to outsmart your opponent in this fast-paced redemption game, perfect for any location!


  • Bright flashing LED cabinet and buttons
  • Red and blue displays for scores, credits, and time
  • Illuminated corner covers
  • Beautiful graphics with LED backlights
  • Adjustable difficulty levels; Three Speed Rounds per Game
  • Great for rentals: easy Mobility, All Age Game
  • Includes: Coin comparator [DBA and card swipe compatible]
  • Redemption Optional: Dual Entropy 2000 Ticket Dispensers
  • Dimensions: 50 x 31 x 34 in. | 155 lbs 


See Catch the light combo in action