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Assembling a World Tour Foosball

Our friend Adam Pratt over at Game Grid Arcade posted this great unboxing/assembly video for the World Tour Foosball on his coin-op blog, Arcade Heroes. If you’re assembling (or considering assembling) our coin-operated foosball table, this video is definitely worth a watch!


Local Vendor Appreciation Night

Barron Games invited a few of our local vendor friends in the Western New York area to join us for a suite night at a Buffalo Bisons baseball game. We all had a really great time! There are so many intricate things that go into making our business successful, we wanted to reach out and show […]


BOSA Award Winners!

Amusement equipment distributor BMI Gaming and industry newsletter The Stinger Report have announced the Best of Show award winners this week featuring games showcased at IAAPA last November. We are proud to announce that our new edutainment kiddie ride, Dolphin Star, has won a Silver Medal!    Plus, we will also be accepting the Bronze Medal for Timberman on behalf of our partners at Magic Play. […]



We can’t wait for you to check out all our new games: Air Ride: newly re-designed 2-player hockey table Catch the Light Combo: a competitive speed and reflex game Coin-Op World Tour Foosball: the latest foosball phenomenon Timberman: our first app-to-arcade videmption skill game Dolphin Star: an edutaining kiddie ride Double Shot Basketball: our all-ages compact basketball game Click here to […]


Barron Games Welcomes Timberman!

If you haven’t heard through the grapevine yet, Barron Games is proud to partner with MagicPlay to bring Timberman to North America. This app-to-arcade “videmption” game may seem familiar and that’s because the mobile game has over 30 million players worldwide! That’s right, one of the worlds most addictive mobile apps has been transformed into this captivating […]


Recap: CEMA Spotlight Show

Barron Games popped over to the Golden State of California to showcase a few of our newest releases this year at the CEMA (California Entertainment Machine Association) Spotlight show. Our favorite highlight was when the Fathers’ of Foosball, Jerry Johnston & Mike McWilliams, took our World Tour Foosball table out for a spin. #oldschoolcool

Barron Games World Tour Foosball Logo

FAQ: Why do foosball tables play from “left to right” and not vice versa?

Many customers have their theories.  Is it because they are designed for right-hand players? Is it set up incorrectly? Nope. Tables are set up the way they are in order to encourage scoring.  There are two strength considerations: Right handed people have stronger right hands than left hands. Anatomically, people are stronger supinating than they are […]