Custom 2-Player Hockey

Product Description

The Air Ride is a sleek and budget-friendly version of our current 2-player redemption hockey table. Air Ride is perfect for all locations, especially areas with height restrictions, or home game and recreation rooms.


  • Mallet holders on table corners
  • Lightweight aluminum body
  • No overhead bar
  • LED timer and score display under the playfield surface
  • Perfect for home use with optional free play buttons
  • Includes: 10 pucks, 4 rubber-gripped mallets, Puck Sweat table polish, dual coin comparators [DBA and card swipe compatible]



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Additional information

Weight 330 lbs
Dimensions 87 x 46 x 31 in

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Custom Examples

Below you’ll find a gallery of some of our custom 2-player hockey tables. Contact us today to design a 2-player air hockey table for you!