Fly O’Clock Software Upgrades

To ensure the best performance of your machine, please follow the installation instructions below to ensure you are running the latest software. *Please Note – If your machine shipped before Jan 2017, you must request a new MicroSD card to update to the newest software. Please contact us to have one sent to you at no charge.

TOOLS REQUIRED: a USB Flash Drive & USB Mouse 

March 2017 Update** <– click here and select the download arrow.

  • Save the update onto your USB drive 
  • Improvements: system optimization and MAJOR game play adjustments, more operator controls

You can find a brief Software Upgrade Tutorial here or more complete instructions are also included in your Fly O’Clock Instruction Manual.

Archive of Updates

    •  January 2017  (includes update P150; all previous updates are incorporated in the latest version)
      • Earlier versions (P140, P141, P142, etc.) have a bug that causes jams after 6 hours from the start of powering on and after 16 hours from the beginning of action; bug fixed
    •  December 2016  (includes update P138; all previous updates are incorporated in the latest version)
      • System optimization to improve performance
      • Added more graphic details