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Commonly Ordered Parts

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General Parts List

Part Number Part Name Image
3604071 Entropy 2000 Ticket Dispenser
308509090340110 Potentiometer Solenoid Valve 4V210-08F-DC 12V
321332532000000 Yellow Button yellow button
ffs105110000000 Belt belt
FreeButton Free Play Button       image039

Air Hockey Table Parts

Part Number Part Name Image
3399112 Ordinary Puck 72mm
3399184 Barron Games Puck image067
616030002 Hockey Mallet (Blue) image065
616030001 Hockey Mallet (Orange) image066
3502049 Felt For Mallet
3213483 Overhead Bar Bracket
3213399 Holder For Iron Pipe (Score Board)d
3301354 Mallet Holding Rail Corner image046
3301321 Rail Corner (Old)
3301722 NEW Mallet Holding Rail Corner X/L – No Rubber Trim
3301320 Corner Piece 327mm
3301415 Overhead Bracket Covers
3207541 QuadAir Coin Panel
3207441 Puck Access Door X/L/QJ 420mm
3207442 Ticket Panel Door X/L/QJ 419mm(Left)
3207450 Ticket Panel Door For Air Ride 239mm
3301352 Puck Terminal
3212075 Door Chain 410mm
3213438 Center Guard Brackets
3301311 Interior Corner Part Attachment
3213550 Narrow Puck Drop Chute (72mm)
3213492 Wide Puck Drop Chute For X/L Models 95mm
3213545 Puck Drop Chute QA
3213501 Rail Corner Reinforcement Iron
3213517 Power Cord Security Clip
3301288 Coin&Ticker Chrome Door Accent
3301292 Access Door Spacers
3704009 Puck Sweat Playfield Spray Polish puck sweat2
3303688 Center Guard L Model 8*178*1154.5mm
3303718 Center Guard X Model 8*178*1516.5mm
3303657 Side Guard Quarter Panel
3303733 QuadAir Acrylic 690*33*4mm Side LED Cover
3399047 Ticket Bay
3501069 Pinch Protector For Overhead Bar
3399160 Air Hockey Blower Gasket 5*80*80m
616030028 Leg Leveler
616030029 Air Hockey Leg 400mm
3604056 Coin Mech HI-071CS
3604071 Entropy 2000 Ticket Dispenser TD-963PR*NO
FreeButton Free Play Button
3202001 Long Lock Assembly
3202118 Short Lock Assembly
3202004 Air Hockey Key #2868
3611010 Speaker SY 402A
3605107 Isolation Transformer 220V 3A
3605117 Power Supply NES-100-12-+12v
3605118 Power Supply NES-100-5-+5v
3607051 QuadAir Blower 220V
3612370 Optical Goal Sensor
3612405 Optical Goal Sensor W/wire attached
3619007 Rail Sensor Chip
3605091 Goal Solenoid DC12V OLD
3605121 Goal Solenoid DC12V NEW (2012->)
3607072 QuadAir V3 Motor
3612396 LED Light For QuadAir Rail
3699019 Power Switch
616030034 RED Goal Bar For M & QuadAir 410mm image002
616030035 GREEN Goal Bar For M & QuadAir 410mm image004
616030036 RED Goal Bar For L & QuadAir 470mm
616030037 GREEN Goal Bar For L & QuadAir 470mm
616030040 RED Goal Bar For X & QuadAir 510mm
616030041 GREEN Goal Bar For X & QuadAir 510mm
3207603 X Model Right Goal Spacer
3207604 X Model Left Goal Spacer
3207574 Left Impact Goal Spacer
3207575 Right Impact Goal Spacer
3207527 Left Goal Spacer
3207528 Right Goal Spacer
3612400 Game Over PC Board
3601241 V2 Style BLUE Puck Bay LED Ring OLD Red Wire
3601263 V2 Style BLUE Puck Bay LED Ring NEW Wire
3612423 QuadAir Life Digital Display Board (Under Playfield)NEW
3612398 Circle LED Timer for QuadAir
3612397 Dot Scoring Life LED Strip for QuadAir
3303744 Plexiglass PC Board Cover
3612420 Air Hockey Red PCB For X/L/M
3601271 Wire Harness For All New PCB (Female)
3612414 QuadAir RED PC Board
3612418 QuadAir RED Vice Board
3601272 Wire Harness of QuadAir Vice board (Male)  
3612421 X/L/M Model LED Digital Display Board – Score, Time & Credit – Under Playfield
3612422 QuadAir Time & Credit Display Board (NEW)
3612413 Air Hockey V3 & V4 Connection Board for Goal, Sensor, Solenoid, Goal Gate & Puck Bay LED
3207561W-BLK-GREEN Galaxy Collison QuadAir BLACK Rail with Welded Green Goal Bar
3207561W-BLK-RED Galaxy Collison QuadAir BLACK Rail with Welded Red Goal Bar
3207561W-GREENBAR Air Ride End Rail With GREEN Goal Bar and Spacers-Welded
3207561W-REDBAR Air Ride End Rail With RED Goal Bar and Spacers-Welded
3207563 Air Ride Black Side Rail 1963mm
3503284 QuadAir Safety Decal
3503282 1 Credit Per Side
3503281 Mallet Holder Only Stickers Only
616030053 V3 Goal Gate Assembly (RED PCB ONLY)
616030064 V4 Goal Gate Assembly for QuadAir – Galvanized Iron Chute
3503284 Air Hockey Safety Decal image014
3607050 Blower Motor QuadAir 110V
3604056 Air Hockey Coin Mech image041
3301320 All Air Hockey Corner Part image045
3213552 Upper Cover Board
3213556 Topper Supported Bar
3213557 Mallet Holder
3303759 GPPS Board 484*484*2.5MM
3301355 Rail Corner for Topper
3610103 LED Strip With Wire
3601274 Power Cord
3503923 Sticker On The Topper-1 (232*70mm)
3503924 Sticker On The Topper-2 (380*28mm)
3503925 Sticker On The Topper-3 75*37mm
3503918 Sticker On The Mallet Holder (65mm)
3206456 Short Topper Screw (15mm)  
3206457 Long Topper Screw (55mm)

Allied Tank Parts

Part Number Part Name Image
cdpnc0210000000 Pressure Control PCB #10 Pressure control PCB #10
cdpnc0110000000 Pressure Control PCB #8 Pressure control PCB #8
337110207050000 Power Supply 12V/120W Power supply12V 120W
337110208050000 Power Supply 24V/120W Power Supply 24V 120W
pnvat3v21008f00 Solenoid Valve 3V210-08F-DC 12V Solenoid Valve 3V210-08F-DC 12V
pnvat4v21008f00 Solenoid Valve 4V210-08F-DC 12V Solenoid Valve 4V210-08F-DC 12V
acs068072413811 Air compressor for single (110V) Air compressor for single (110V)

Common Kiddie Ride Parts

Part Number Part Name Image
N/A Control Box
7FMC0003 Music Box
3604055 Coin Mech HI-07CS
3303689 RED Lady Bug Antena Covers
3303690 WHITE Dome Kiddie Ride LED Cover
3303691 LED Lights For Coffee Stem
330361 Metal Plate Under Coffee Cup Seat(1 set:3 pieces)
330361 Rubber Floor Matt (1 set:3 pieces)
330361 The Circle Insert (1 set:3 pieces)
4232004 Keys
4232004 Long Cam Lock
4232004 Short Cam Lock
4232004 Carbn Brush and Wire (2 brushes)
4232004 Carbon Brush

Common TimberMan

Part Number Part Name Image
TMB-101 42" LED display
TMB-102 Main Board
TMB-103 I/O board
TMB-104 12V 5V power supply
TMB-105 12Vpower supply
TMB-106 RGB LED driver and remote controler
TMB-107S start button switch
TMB-107L Left Cut button with switch
TMB-107R Right Cut button with switch  
TMB-107A Button LED light
TMB-108 Speaker
TMB-109 Power socket with fuse   
TMB-110 Power cord
TMB-111 12cm 12V cooling fan
TMB-112 Mechanical counter
TMB-113 Service button
TMB-301 Display cover with decal
TMB-302 Front panel cover
TMB-303 Lower front logo
TMB-304L Left side sticker
TMB-304R Right side sticker
TMB-305 Base front sticker set
TMB-306L Base left side sticker
TMB-306R Base right side sticker
TMB-307 Marquee complete
TMB-307-T Timberman marquee plexi
TMB-307-B Timberman logo marquee letters
TMB-308T Upper display aluminium profile with sticker
TMB-308M Lower display aluminium profile with sticker
TMB- 308B Lower front aluminium profile with sticker
TMB-309 Front panel with LED's  
TMB-310B Bill acceptor cover
TMB-310C Coin acceptor cover
TMB-401 Caster wheel
TMB-402 Leg leveler
TMB-403 28mm lock with keys
TMB-404 Fan cover
TMB-405 Ticket holder  
TMB-406 Cash box No Picture Available
TMB-407 Front panel fastener

World Tour Foosball

Part Number Part Name Image
FBA004 Foosball Door Lock
FBA005 Foosball Door Key
FBA012-1 Corner metal part
FBA012-2 Corner metal part
FBB001 Ball Elevating Device with Ball Release and Motor  
FBB005 World Tour Main PCB
FBB006 World Tour Foosball Volume Amplifier
FBB008-1 Foosball Power Supply Box   
FBB014 Speaker 5W
FBA015 Lock for the Face Plate / Coin Box
FBA016 Keyfor the Face Plate / Coin Box
FBC002 Foosball Roll Pin ( for player attachment to rod )  
FBC003 Roll Pin aid
FBC004 Iron ball / Stop ring
FBC005 Rubber Bumper
FBC006 Plastic washer    
FBC007 Plastic handle
FBC008 Rod end cap
FBC013 Ball
FBC014 World Tour Foosball Cup Holder
FBC017 Foosball Leg Leveler Metal

Catch The Light / Combo

Part Number Part Name Image
CTL001 Player Button (Red/Blue)  
CTL002 Start Button
CTL003 Button switch
CTL004 Button LED bulb
CTL005-A Power source (75W)
CTL025-B Power source (80W)
CTL007 Buttons wiring (one side left/right)
CTL008 Score display
CTL009 Time display set
CTL010 Locks set (1x money box 2x top frame)
CTL013 Plastic corner cover (Large, bottom)
CTL014 Plastic corner cover (small, top)
CTL015 Coin acceptor (electronic, taiwan)
CTL017 Bill acceptor (BV20)
CTL018 Ticket dispenser 
CTL019 Ticket dispenser (Entropy, pulse mode)
CTL020 Ticket box
CTL021 Main board
CTL022 SD Card
CTL023 RGB LED driver
CTL024 Speaker

Double Shot Basketball

Part Number Part Name Image
AWS-OP-M183MXB Double Shot Basketball Goal IR Sensor   
G-GS02-SE32065B-SP1 Double Shot Basket Hoop Motor (Side to Side)
G-OP30-WA08N+3P-OE Double Shot Proximity Sensor (Ball release Gate)
G-GZ05-050 Entropy Ticket Dispenser
G-GS02-SE32065B Double Shot Gate Motor – (Ball Release)
G-SP06-30W-6 Speaker
ASW-GW30-6322-01 Button- Single Play (1 Player with sticker)
ASW-GW30-6322-03 Button- Two Play (2 Player with sticker)
G-GAW50-LRS-150-12 Power Suply-12V (with UL Listed)
G-GA50RS-025-5 Power Suply-5V (with UL Listed)
G-CD10-06SS6 Filter (with UL Listed)(IC Power inlet)
G-PQ20-004-002 Double Shot Basketball #4 (Size ???)
PCB-W141133 Marquee Board (Top)
PCB-W141245 Double Shot Basket Main Board
PCB-W101135 Two Digit Display
PCB-W040418 Three Digit Display
PCB-W141136 RGB Light Board
ASW-AA-6322-F01A-001 Double Shot Front Pannel Only-Lion (no Coin mech and metal plate ABS)
ASW-AA-6322-F01B-001 Double Shot Front Pannel Only-Bear (no Coin mech and metal plate ABS)
UE-6322-D001-ED Hinge for front pannel

Dolphin Star

Part Number Part Name Image
1.3.IG25A00020 IO board
1.8.IG25A010 Plastic Dolphin Body
1.8.IG25A020 Wave Cover Door (Blue)
1.8.IG25B020 Wave Cover Door (Pink)
1.8.IG25A060 Cushion Seat (Blue)
1.8.IG25B060 Cushion Seat (Pink)
1.8.IG25A030 Front Sreen Plastic Cover
1.8.IG25A50 Wave rolling plastic part
1.8.IG25A20 Signboard Cabinet box plastic part
1.4.AJN00030 Star button
1.7.IG25A00070 Front Screen Acrylic
1.7.IG25A00080 ABS Circle (Star Image)
1.7.IG25A00110 Back Dolphin Star Decorative Acrylic
1.7.IG25A00100 Let's Play With Dolphins sign
1.7.IG25A00120 Dolphin eye sticker
1.7.IG25A00140 Seat Cushion Side Saddle Cloth
1.7.IG25A00160 Blue & Pink button acrylic
2.1.IG25a0010 Dolphin Star PC
1.1.IG25A00150 Handle Hardware
1.7.IG25A00150 Rein Cover Cloth
1..IG25A00360 Rein Chain
1.4.SJ220040 Cam Lock & Key