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Koliseum Soccer Virtual Reality

Product Description

Barron Games is the exclusive North American distributor for Koliseum Soccer VR, an award-winning game powered by Kynoa. The game combines the physical aspect of traditional foosball with the new and exciting world of virtual reality. 


  • Dedicated electronics & motion tracking system, combines with powerful PC and Oculus headsets.
  • Transforms traditional foosball into an exhilarating experience, adding surprising actions, emotions, tensions, and twists.


  • Power: 110 / 220 V, 10 A 
  • A wifi connection is required to use the dashboard, a wired connection (RJ45) is required for updating the system and/or the game.


  • Table Length: 69 in
  • Table Height: 38 in
  • Table Width: 50 in
  • Floor Area: 6 ft


Koliseum Powered by Kynoa


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